save gulf stream, save europe

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The Gulf Stream has its source among Florida and the Bahamas. It waters down from the atlantic ocean towards Groenland. Its lukewarm waters deliver the north atlantic drift. It's such a substancial flow that it can moderate central Europe's climate to itself and also prevent this part of the world from reaching characteristic wintry canadian temperatures that can drop down to minus 30°C.

Most of the biggest climate variations which have disrupted our planet's natural history are due to the disturbance of the blue water's traffic. The Gulf Stream is emasculating. It has lost 20 per cent of its strength in only a few year's time. We should all be aware of the fact that this weakening shall lead to heavy consequences. Can you imagine the awkward picture such a rewritting of the climate would drive us to? Crises, migrations, conflicts...

Join our cause and help forge the Gulf stream.